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We have a full line of vitamin injections that have been proven beneficial and essential time again for the basic mechanisms of energy manufacturing on the body. Whether its a virus that has you down or just a lack of essential nutrients causing fatigue, mood issues, or sleeping difficulties, we have the very vitamin that can get you feeling back to your energetic old self.  Injections are given intramuscular or subcutaneously in the muscle or fat to provide slow absorption over time. Unlike oral supplements, injections never go directly through the gut system where they are excreted too quickly or never bound due to destruction and malabsorption in the intestines.

All of our vitamin injections and infusions are administered by our medical staff and health care professionals trained in vitamin therapies, which offers value unlike any other around. We strive to offer true health and will follow you in the journey of success!

All of our vitamins at The Well are 100% preservative-free and methylated when available as an option!!



Choose from a wide variety of infusions to suit your need! These naturally occurring vitamins are often lacking in our diet and show up as illness, fatigue and chronic issues of the body. Intravenous infusion delivers vitamin directly to the bloodstream offering instant binding and activation.

Proper methylation is essential for life and is involved in many functions in the body such as gene expression, fetal development, production of neurotransmitters, maintaining proper homocysteine levels, detoxification and processing of heavy metals like arsenic. Production of glutathione is the body’s master antioxidant.

Did you know all of our vitamins are 100% preservative-free and methylated when available as an option! 

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